Is OnPoint using AI on legal research projects?

Digital and online research databases and services have employed various forms of artificial intelligence technology for many years. At OnPoint, we are closely monitoring developments in generative AI as a potential tool to assist in conducting Canadian legal research. Given the high levels of skill, judgment, and common sense required in legal analysis and writing, particularly in matters involving any degree of complexity, we continue at present to rely on our experienced research lawyers in our delivery of OnPoint’s many services. We look forward to supplementing our existing research tools with generative AI, where appropriate, when fully satisfied that the emerging technology meets our high standards of accuracy, reliability, and professionalism.

“…generative AI is still no substitute for the professional expertise that the justice system requires of lawyers.  Competence in the selection and use of any technology tools, including those powered by AI, is critical. The integrity of the justice system requires no less.”

~The Honourable Justice D.M. Masuhara, at para 46 of Zhang v. Chen, 2024 BSCS 284


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