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1. Who does the research and drafting at OnPoint?

All of the lawyers at OnPoint are experienced litigators. They are adept in researching a wide range of legal issues and in expressing their analyses clearly and, where appropriate, persuasively. Most of our researchers honed their research and writing skills as law clerks at various levels of court across Canada, many of them were Gold Medalists of their classes, and all of them practiced as litigators at major downtown firms before joining OnPoint.

Lawyers called and located in B.C. complete projects for our B.C. Division; lawyers called and located in Alberta complete projects for our Alberta Division.

2. Are the research lawyers at OnPoint practicing lawyers? Are they insured to practice law?

All of our research lawyers are practicing lawyers and they carry practice insurance.

3. Do I need to meet with you in person?

While we very much enjoy working with our clients that prefer to discuss files in person (or where the file requires that we attend our clients’ offices to review documents), we certainly do not need to meet. We frequently complete projects for clients we have never met. Email and telephone is all that is required for many projects.

4. What time frame is required to complete a project?

While we encourage lawyers to provide us with as much notice as possible to ensure that we are able to complete the job to the required specifications, we do the best we can to accommodate even last-minute requests. Please note that a ‘rush’ rate will be applied to requests that require completion within 48 hours.

5. What projects do you complete?

Please refer to “our services” for a description of the services that we provide. If you do not find the service that you require, please contact us. We will do the best we can to accommodate your request.

6. In what format do you provide the results of your work?

The work can be provided in whatever form you request. We can:

  • email or courier cases to you, with or without summaries or analysis
  • provide a brief summary of an initial look at an area of law
  • complete a basic or complex quantum assessment
  • prepare a thorough memorandum on one or more challenging legal issues
  • draft facta or any other form of legal argument that you require

You decide what you need and we will adjust the product accordingly.

7. I have a project that I need handled by a lawyer at OnPoint. Now what?

You have many options as to how you can submit your research request:

  • Phone Sarah at (604) 879-4280
  • Email us at info@onpointlaw.com

After our managing project lawyer, Sarah Picciotto, receives a brief explanation of the request, your project will be referred to the lawyer with the most experience in that area of law or the required availability to complete the project on time.

That lawyer will contact you directly to discuss the project and to ensure that it will be completed to your specifications within the stipulated time frame.

To ensure that the parameters of the project are accurate, we will then prepare an agreement that you will have the opportunity to review, alter if necessary, and endorse before the project is commenced.

8. How do you estimate the cost of your services?

We will work with you during the initial consultation to reach a reasonable estimate of the time requirements of the project. Should the research lawyer require more time than estimated, he or she will contact you to receive your authorization to spend additional time completing the research.

9. Why does OnPoint charge a higher rate for rush service?

OnPoint encourages our research lawyers to accept rush, evening and weekend projects by offering them higher pay for this work. In addition, we have determined that implementing a rush-rate structure helps our clients prioritize the time sensitivity of their assignments to OnPoint. This greatly helps us manage our workflow and produce the best possible work product.

10. What are your payment terms?

OnPoint follows standard business practice. We expect payment within 30 days of invoice. Payment of our invoice is due regardless of whether our clients have received payment from their own clients.

11. My office is not located in Vancouver or Calgary. Can you do research for me?

Absolutely. Many of our clients are located outside of Vancouver and Calgary. Often we are able to complete the entire transaction via telephone, email and fax. Where necessary, using couriers solves the problem of transporting larger quantities of documents.

12. My office is not located in British Columbia or Alberta. Can you complete research for me?

Whether you are located in Toronto or Nova Scotia, we will most likely be able to handle your legal research needs. We can research virtually any legal issue, whether or not it originates in British Columbia or Alberta. While our research lawyers are members of the Bar of British Columbia or Alberta, they are well versed in researching law across Canada.

13. How do you handle potential conflicts of interest?

We have computerized systems in place to alert us to conflicts. At the outset of a research request, we ask to be provided with the complete style of cause. If there appears to be a potential conflict, we will contact you immediately to discuss the matter.

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