BarTalk, The Canadian Bar Association of British Columbia

August 2012

“Take it Outside: Lawyers have caught the legal research outsourcing wave”

“More and more, lawyers are challenging the traditional model of practice and are creating their own paths to forge meaningful legal careers. An excellent example is being a research lawyer, which suits the lawyer who enjoys and has a talent for research and writing, and provides a valuable service to lawyers who require assistance from research specialists.” Read the full article.

The National, The Canadian Bar Association

October/November, 2006

“Take It Outside”
Emily White

“Nobody really expects that law firms will do all their necessary tasks in-house. Lawyers don’t break out the mop and bucket to clean the bathrooms, and secretaries don’t hop on bicycles or airplanes to deliver factums to opposing counsel. Functions like courier delivery, janitorial work, food services and others have long been assigned to other providers in all but the smallest firms.”

The Lawyers’ Weekly

May 13, 2005

“Legal Research Firms Could Bridge Gap Between Haves and Have Nots”
By Sarah Efron

“Sarah Picciotto is pioneering a new business model that could change the way smaller law firms do research and possibly narrow the ever-widening gap between the legal industry’s major players and the small law firms…” Read the full article here.

Canadian Lawyer Magazine

November/December 2005

“Associates On-Call: looking big while staying small”

By Simon Hally

“It’s an old problem for small and mid-sized firms: what to do when a client shows up with a multi-faceted problem requiring some quick but in-depth and high-quality research. Then there’s the panic that sets in when a case comes on for trial sooner than expected and extra help is needed…” Read the full article here.

The National, The Canadian Bar Association

Oct 1, 2004

“Research and Rescue”
By Patti Ryan

“Legal research lawyers are the newest breed of specialist practitioner – dedicated full-time to combing through the law to find the answers that other lawyers need. It’s a specialty that’s only going to grow in the next few years…” Read the full article here.

Business in Vancouver

Apr 6, 2004

“Research on Demand”
By Richard Cho

“There’s more to law than being in court. In fact a lot of it involves researching on a computer, paging through tomes of legal journals and writing legal research memos…”

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