Research Bites

In this new feature, will be providing a single ‘morsel’ of legal research advice from time to time.

Tips might include comparing or introducing research sources, describing helpful ways to use those sources, or other tricks of the trade. We want these tips to be useful, so please- pass them on, and let us know if you have any ideas to make future tips more useful, or if you have any research tips of your own. 

Tip One: “But What Did That Statute Used to Say?”

Often we need to know what a statute said at a particular point in time. One quick way to look up former version of a statute is through BC Laws’ online “Archived Statute Consolidations”, available on the BC Laws’ homepage ( This tool allows you to quickly look at a statute at various points between 1991 and today. While this doesn’t guarantee that you have the exact wording on a particular day (though other parts of BC Laws can), it is one of the fastest ways to see how a statute has changed over time. There is even one for regulations, going back to 2003.


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