“I realized a long time ago that I have no real skill as a legal researcher- nor do I enjoy it. It makes more sense for me to hire OnPoint. I was amazed at the level of research the first time I used OnPoint- basically with very few changes I converted their memorandum into a winning trial argument.

Delegating my legal research and writing to OnPoint is far more productive than doing it myself- it is a much better use of my time and my clients’ money!”

Vancouver-based Litigator

“All of us at TVS use OnPoint’s researchers on our cases.  OnPoint’s expertise in a wide range of complicated commercial litigation is invaluable to a firm of our size and is also a real costs savings to our clients”

Vancouver-based Litigator

On Point is my choice for legal research help because I enjoy their engaged and refreshing curiosity for the task.  At the same time they appreciate the need to be cost effective and are quick to suggest collegial ways to share the task.”

Q.C. in Vernon

“I am writing to thank you for your recent assistance with research for a BC Court of Appeal matter.  I found the researcher assigned to my file to be extremely capable and efficient, and the research gave me all the current law for my matter.  The draft factum was unimpeachable!  OnPoint was on point, and greatly helped in my appeal.”

Vancouver-based Litigator

“It has been many years that OnPoint Law Corporation has been doing legal research for my firm on a number of complex commercial cases. On every occasion, I have had the same experience. OnPoint Law Corporation provided top-notch legal research in a way I could use effectively in the Courtroom. You and your team have a depth of legal knowledge and experience in legal research that is a valuable resource for a boutique commercial litigation firm such as mine. You understand the nature of the complex commercial issues and you pursue focused research, providing practical answers to my questions. I also value highly the discussions we have about the arguments I intend to make in submissions to the Court. Very often I adopt in large measure the outline of the legal research directly into my submissions. In addition to the quality of the legal services that OnPoint Law Corporation has provided to my firm over the years, the notion of client service is front and centre in all that you do. Timely, professional, collaborative and collegial is how I describe the way in which you deliver legal research services to my firm. I am pleased to provide this testimonial to OnPoint Law Corporation and to recommend your services. I am certain that the benefit I have derived from my association with OnPoint over the years will be enjoyed by other firms such as my own.”

Vancouver-based Litigator

“OnPoint has assisted me with research and the drafting of legal arguments to great effect. My clients have been happy to have them involved and the service has always been prompt and reasonably priced. A great resource for my practice!”

Q.C. in Vancouver

“Our firm has been consistently pleased and impressed with the quality, thoroughness and timeliness of OnPoint’s services. We have used OnPoint for a range of services, from obtaining supportive cases to researching and writing complex legal memoranda and drafting argument for use in court. When we have needed immediate research, OnPoint has always performed in a timely, effective and professional manner and has done excellent work for a reasonable price. We do not hesitate to use their services.”

Richmond-based Litigators

“I have been particularly impressed with the excellent service I have received from the OnPoint team over the years. As a sole practitioner, I have come to rely on their expertise with my busy practice. The ability to delegate my research needs has allowed me to continue to build my practice to where it is today. Rather than spending hours in the library or on my computer conducting legal research, I am out building relationships and strengthening my estate practice. It’s a win-win situation! I fully intend to maintain and build upon my association with OnPoint as my firm continues to grow.”

Vancouver-based Litigator

“I am very satisfied with OnPoint’s work product and appreciate that I get timely responses to my requests and what I need done on time. As a sole practioner, OnPoint helps me meet my clients’ needs in spite of all the competing demands of my practice.”

Alberta-based Litigator

“I have found using OnPoint to be most helpful. They are prompt, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. With their solid legal backgrounds they know what I want and get right to the point. Their name is appropriate…they are ‘On Point’…and to that I would add ‘On the Ball!'”

Kamloops-based Litigator

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