Why Outsource?

Many law firms have figured out the benefits of engaging research lawyers to assist them with research and legal writing projects. Using OnPoint allows our clients to obtain the assistance of professional research lawyers who focus exclusively on legal research and writing.

Some reasons to add OnPoint to your legal research team:

  • To meet the inevitable ebb and flow of workloads. Law firms can rely on our research lawyers to assist them with legal research and writing at any stage of a file. We assist with determining the strength of a case, providing memoranda, and the preparation of briefs or facta. This can can be especially beneficial during peak workloads when additional support is required on short notice to meet¬†deadlines.
  • To generate revenue. Our low overhead allows us to set very reasonable rates. Many of our clients consider using our services as equivalent to adopting work completed by in-house associates, and add a premium for their firm when invoicing their clients.
  • To avoid overhead. Associate salaries- and accompanying overhead- are a major expense for law firms. An OnPoint research lawyer is not an employee, so law firms are not required to provide employee benefits or cover other costs such as practice fees and insurance, WCB, vacation, sick leave, and severance.¬†
  • When specialist assistance is required. Some research tasks are appropriate for students or juniors. Other files are simply too important to risk not being handled by a research expert. It makes sense to outsource complex legal research issues to professionals whose careers are focused exclusively on legal research and writing.
  • To enjoy their practice. We only bring on board research lawyers with exceptional qualifications. Our clients can rest assured that research and writing projects will be handled expertly and efficiently while they focus on other aspects of their practice.
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