2018 – BC


BC Take Five January 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Scott v. Canada (Attorney General), 2017 BCCA 422: Constitutional Law; Charter of Rights and Freedoms; Veterans’ Benefits; “Social Covenant” ~ Counsel Comments provided by Kelsey Sherriff, Counsel for the Respondents
Bilin v. Sidhu, 2017 BCCA 429: Civil Litigation; Certificate of Pending Litigation; Land Title Act ~ Counsel Comments provided by Deepak Gautam, Counsel for the Appellant
Taseko Mines Limited v. Western Canada Wilderness Committee, 2017 BCCA 431: Torts; Defamation; Fair Comment; Strategic Lawsuits; Special Costs
MacKinnon v. Donauer, 2017 BCCA 437: Equitable Remedies; Resulting Trust; Unjust Enrichment; Juristic Reason
The Owners, Strata Plan K855 v. Big White Mountain Mart Ltd., 2017 BCCA 438: Strata Corporations; Contracts; Breach of Contract; Damages; Mitigation; Functus officio


BC Take Five February 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

British Columbia (Attorney General) v. Brecknell, 2018 BCCA 5: Jurisdiction; Production Orders; American Company; Virtual Presence in Canada
Kwantlen University College Student Association v. Canadian Federation of Students – British Columbia, 2018 BCCA 16: Student Organizations; Bylaws; Members; Referendum; Petition ~ Counsel Comments provided by Kate Phipps, Counsel for the Appellant, and, by Counsel Comments provided by David Borins, Counsel for the Respondent                                                                                                   N-Krypt International Corp. v. LeVasseur, 2018 BCCA 20: Equitable Remedies; Trusts; Contracts; Voting Shares ~ Counsel Comments provided by Barry Kirkham, Q.C., Counsel for the Appellant 
Pakozdi v. B & B Heavy Civil Construction Ltd., 2018 BCCA 23: Employment Law; Wrongful Dismissal; Damages; Consulting Income During Notice Period
Kumagai v. Campbell Estate, 2018 BCCA 24: Family Law; Wills and Estates; Valuation and Division of Land; First Nations ~ Counsel Comments provided by David Goodwin, Counsel for the Appellant


BC Take Five March 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Harrison Hydro Project Inc. v. British Columbia (Environmental Appeal Board), 2018 BCCA 44: Administrative Law; Environmental Appeal Board; Judicial Review; Limited Partnerships ~ Counsel Comments provided by Geoff Cowper, Q.C., Counsel for the Appellants British Columbia Investment Management Corporation v. Canada (Attorney General), 2018 BCCA 47: Taxation; Pensions; Pooled Investment Portfolios; Petitions; Jurisdiction
Glover v. Leakey, 2018 BCCA 56: Torts; Negligence; Abuse of Process; Civil Jury Trials; Mistrial                                                                               Berthin v. Berthin, 2018 BCCA 57: Family Law; Certificate of Pending Litigation; Special Costs; Collusion; Fraud ~ Counsel Comments provided by Karl Hauer, Counsel for the Appellant, and, by Craig Vaughan, Counsel for the Counsel for the Respondents, Roy Lynn Sherrod and Patsy Spikes Sherrod                                                          Scoretz v. Kensam Enterprises Inc., 2018 BCCA 66: Trusts; Fiduciary; Breach of Trust; Agency Relationship; Transfer of Shares ~ Counsel Comments provided by Robin Dean, Counsel for the Respondent 


BC Take Five April 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Kriegman v. Dill, 2018 BCCA 86: Foreign Judgments; Court Order Enforcement Act; Jurisdiction; Ponzi Schemes ~ Counsel Comments provided by Ken McEwan, Q.C., and David McEwan, Counsel for the Appellant 
Nazerali v. Mitchell, 2018 BCCA 104: Torts; Defamation; Damages; Aggravated Damages; Special Costs
N.N. v. Canada (Attorney General), 2018 BCCA 105: Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement; Adjudication; Judicial Recourse ~ Counsel Comments provided by David Wu, Counsel for the Intervenor, the Chief Adjudicator 
Kane v. Proffitt, 2018 BCCA 106: Family Law; Relocation; Appeal to BC Supreme Court; Fresh Evidence                                                        Pan Afric Holdings Ltd. v. Athabasca Holdings Ltd., 2018 BCCA 113: Abuse of Process; Res judicata; Estoppel; Property Development; Breach of Contract ~ Counsel Comments provided by Ken McEwan, Q.C. and Owen James, Counsel for the Appellants 


BC Take Five May 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

British Columbia v. Canadian Forest Products Ltd., 2018 BCCA 124: Negligence; Contract Law; Damages; Fire Watch; Safety Regulations ~ Counsel Comments provided by Bruce Elwood, Counsel for the Appellant                                                                                                     Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users v. Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, 2018 BCCA 132: Human Rights; Discrimination; Street Homelessness; Drug Users ~ Counsel Comments provided by Gabrielle Scorer, Counsel for the City of Vancouver 
Elsner v. British Columbia (Police Complaint Commissioner), 2018 BCCA 147: Administrative Tribunals; Police Complaint Commissioner; External Investigation
Hunt v. The Owners, Strata Plan LMS 2556, 2018 BCCA 159: Strata Property; Arbitration; Ex parte Communications; Reasonable Apprehension of Bias
Tresoro Mining Corporation v. Mercer Gold Corp. (B.C.), 2018 BCCA 160: Procedure; Arbitration; Termination; Final Awards; Natural Resources


Summarized Cases:

Centura Building Systems (2013) Ltd. v. 601 Main Partnership, 2018 BCCA 172: Contracts; Termination; Breach; Security; Work Delay; Builders Lien Act ~ Counsel Comments provided by Dan Hepburn, Counsel for the Respondent 
Wade v. Duck, 2018 BCCA 176:
Contract Interpretation; Subsequent Conduct; Wills and Estates; Executor’s Duties
Douez v. Facebook, Inc., 2018 BCCA 186: Class Action Certification; Privacy Act; Social Media; Advertising Use; Facebook
Rosas v. Toca, 2018 BCCA 191: Contracts; Consideration; Pre-existing Duty Rule; Promise; Limitation Period ~ Counsel Comments provided by Tim Goepel, Counsel for the Appellant                             K.W. v. L.H., 2018 BCCA 204:  Family Law; Relocation; Best Interests of the Child; Family Law Act 


BC Take Five July 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Greengen Holdings Ltd. v. British Columbia (Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations), 2018 BCCA 214: Judicial Review; Collateral Attack; Misfeasance in Public Office; Statutory Decision-Makers ~ Counsel Comments provided by Arden Beddoes & David Wu, Counsel for the Appellant                                                Basyal v. Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc., 2018 BCCA 235: Class Proceedings; Certification; Conspiracy; Unjust Enrichment; Breach of Fiduciary Duty
H.M.B. Holdings Limited v. Replay Resorts Inc., 2018 BCCA 263: Practice & Procedure; Solicitor-Client Privilege; Implied Waiver; Abuse of Process ~ Counsel Comments provided by Lincoln Caylor and Jim Schmidt, Counsel for the Appellants                                                         Lamb v. Canada (Attorney General), 2018 BCCA 266: Constitutional Law; Medically Assisted Death; Abuse of Process; Issue Estoppel ~ Counsel Comments provided by Sheila Tucker, Q.C., Counsel for the Appellants                                                                                                  All Trans Financial Services Credit Union Limited v. Financial Institutions Commission, 2018 BCCA 270: Administrative Law; Statutory Interpretation; Definitions; Standard of Review; Financial Institutions


BC Take Five August 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Iberdrola Energy Projects Canada Corporation v. Factory Sales & Engineering Inc. d.b.a. FSE Energy, 2018 BCCA 272: Contracts; Fixed-Price Contract; Loans; Holdbacks; Builders Lien Act ~ Counsel Comments provided by Michael Armstrong, Q.C., Counsel for the Respondent Aluma Systems Inc.; and by Michael Colwell, Counsel for the Respondent Chubb Insurance Company of Canada; and by Chris Moore, Counsel for the Respondent Slavkovic Holdings Inc., TVE Industrial Services Ltd., and Acier Marquis Inc. 
Century Services Corp. v. LeRoy, 2018 BCCA 279: Torts; Fraudulent Misrepresentation; Loan Agreement; Creditor Obligation to Guarantor The Owners, Strata Plan VR2122 v. Bradbury, 2018 BCCA 280: Strata Corporations; Winding Up; Strata Property Act; Liquidators ~ Counsel Comments provided by Camille Chisholm and Peter Roberts, Counsel for the Respondents                                                                            Rhodes v. Surrey (City), 2018 BCCA 281: Torts; Negligence; Contributory Negligence; Mitigation ~ Counsel Comments provided by Jeffrey Nieuwenburg and Michael Sobkin, Counsel for the Appellant 
Globalnet Management Solutions Inc. v. Cornerstone CBS Building Solutions Ltd., 2018 BCCA 303: Torts; Breach of Contract; Negligent Design and Construction; Corporate Veil; Bar to Recovery ~ Counsel Comments provided by Michael Morgan and Laura Bevan, Counsel for the Appellants 


BC Take Five September 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

N&C Transportation Ltd. v. Navistar International Corporation, 2018 BCCA 312: Torts; Class Actions; Certification; Defective Products; Misrepresentation
Rohl v. British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles), 2018 BCCA 316: Administrative Tribunals; Roadside Driving Prohibition; Evidence; Standard of Review
Quinn v. British Columbia, 2018 BCCA 320: Child Protection; Abuse of Process; Vexatious Litigation; Charter Damages
United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied Industrial and Service Workers International Union, Local 1-1937 v. Taan Forest Limited Partnership, 2018 BCCA 322: Labour; Jurisdiction; Human Rights Code; Arbitration ~ Counsel Comments provided by Elizabeth Bulbrook, David Paterson and Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson, Counsel for the Intervenors                                 Telus Communications Inc. v. Telecommunications Workers Union, 2018 BCCA 331: Labour; Arbitration; Judicial Review; Substituting a Penalty ~ Counsel Comments provided by Donald Richards and Allison Render, Counsel for the Appellant; and by Lindsay Waddell, Counsel for the Respondents


BC Take Five October 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Nuttall v. Krekovic, 2018 BCCA 341: Abuse of Process; Mistaken Identity; Special Costs Against Counsel Personally
Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform v. South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority, 2018 BCCA 344: Charter Rights; Freedom of Expression; Judicial Review; Adequacy of Reasons ~ Counsel Comments provided by Geoffrey Trotter, Co-Counsel for the Appellant                                                                                               Tran v. Abbott, 2018 BCCA 365: Torts; Insurance; Second Medical Opinion; Mootness ~ Counsel Comments provided by Mary-Helen Wright and Kerry Grieve, Counsel for the Appellants; and by Wes Mussio, Counsel for the Respondent
Riley v. Ritsco, 2018 BCCA 366: Torts; Injury; Non-Pecuniary Damages; Loss of Future Income
Illidge v. Sona Resources Corporation, 2018 BCCA 368: Natural Resources; Contracts; Option Agreements; Mineral Exploration; Feasibility Study


BC Take Five November 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Gao v. Dietrich, 2018 BCCA 372: Torts; Motor Vehicle Accident; Non-Pecuniary Damages; Loss of Past Earning Capacity ~ Counsel Comments provided by Mary-Helen Wright, Counsel for the Appellant 
Gates v. Sahota, 2018 BCCA 375: Residential Tenancy Act; Punitive Damages; Class Proceedings; Jurisdiction
Air Canada v. British Columbia (Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal), 2018 BCCA 387: Workers’ Compensation; Judicial Review; Patent Unreasonableness; Psychological Injury; International Airspace ~ Counsel Comments provided by Ben Parkin, Counsel for the Appellant/Respondent Workers’ Compensation Board; and, by Tamara Ramusovic and Melissa VanderHouwen, Counsel for Kelly Zechel Reliable Mortgages Investment Corp. v. Ellis, Roadburg, 2018 BCCA 395: Legal Profession Act; Review of Legal Bills; Time Limits; Special Costs; Referral Fees ~ Counsel Comments provided by Gavin Cameron and Harshi Mann, Counsel for the Appellant                                   Access Self Storage Inc. v. British Columbia (Assessor of Area #04 – Central Vancouver Island), 2018 BCCA 406: Property Assessment Appeal Board; Judicial Review; Adequacy of Reasons ~ Counsel Comments provided by Bruce Hallsor, Q.C. and Colin Simkus, Counsel for the Appellants 


BC Take Five December 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Hans v. Volvo Trucks North America Inc., 2018 BCCA 410: Torts; Negligent Manufacture; Failure to Warn; Damages; Apportionment Dring v. Gheyle, 2018 BCCA 435: Family Law; Child of the Marriage; Child Support Agreement; Retroactive Support ~ Counsel Comments provided by Craig Vaughan, Counsel for the Appellant 
Wilson v. Canwest Publishing Inc., 2018 BCCA 441: Torts; Defamation; Reasonable Communication                                              Clancy v. Clancy, 2018 BCCA 448: Summary Judgment; Family Law; Formal Order; Want of Jurisdiction ~ Counsel Comments provided by Larry Kahn, Q.C., Counsel for the Respondent 
Richmont Mines Inc. v. Teck Resources Limited, 2018 BCCA 452: Natural Resources; Minerals; Arbitration; Extricable Question of Law

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