2017 – BC


BC Take Five January 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Harder v. Poettcker, 2016 BCCA 477: Personal Injury; Motor Vehicle Accident; Supreme Court Civil Rules; Retrial
The Owners, Strata Plan NW 499 v. Louis, 2016 BCCA 494: Property Law; Strata Corporations; Charter Rights; Mootness ~ Counsel Comments provided by Tyna Mason, Counsel for Respondent Attorney General of British Columbia
Este v. Blackburn, 2016 BCCA 496: Defamation; Privacy; Disclosure; “Antunes” and “Halliday” Orders
Fort Nelson First Nation v. British Columbia (Environmental Assessment Office), 2016 BCCA 500: Aboriginal Law; Natural Resources; Judicial Review; Statutory Interpretation ~ Counsel Comments provided by Patrick Foy, Q.C, Counsel for the Appellant Executive Director of the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office
Qterra Properties Ltd. v. Delta (Corporation), 2016 BCCA 504: Municipal Law; Zoning Bylaws; Land Use Planning; Liquor Store; Standard of Review


BC Take Five February 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Veracity Capital Corporation v. Canada (National Revenue), 2017 BCCA 3: Taxation; Capital Gains; Income Tax Act; British Columbia General Anti-Avoidance Rule
Laursen v. Director of Crime Victim Assistance, 2017 BCCA 8: Crime Victim Assistance Act; Lost Earning Capacity; Judicial Review; Limitation Period ~ Counsel Comments provided by Jeremy E. Shragge of Shields Harney and Laura Miller (articled student) of Harper Grey LLP, Counsel for the Appellant, and Counsel Comments provided by Tyna Mason and Christina Drake, Counsel for the Respondent
Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia v. Seattle Environmental Consulting Ltd., 2017 BCCA 19: Chambers; Clarity of Court Orders; Contempt ~ Counsel Comments provided by Ben Parkin, Counsel for the Appellant
Garcia v. Tahoe Resources Inc., 2017 BCCA 39: Conflict of Laws; Judicial Unfairness; Forum non conveniens; Mining; Protests
Vancouver Community College v. Vancouver Career College (Burnaby) Inc., 2017 BCCA 41: Intellectual Property; Internet Law; Trade-marks Act; Passing Off; Goodwill ~ Counsel Comments provided by Christopher Wilson, Counsel for the Appellant


BC Take Five March 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Nelson v. British Columbia (Provincial Health Services Authority), 2017 BCCA 46: Torts; Medical Malpractice; Obstetrics; Misapprehension of Expert Evidence
Cellular Baby Cell Phones Accessories Specialist Ltd. v. Fido Solutions Inc., 2017 BCCA 50: Contracts; Wrongful Termination of Agreement; Damages; Loss Mitigation ~Counsel Comments provided by Greg Harney, Counsel for the Appellant
A & W Ranching Ltd. v. Alkam Holdings Ltd., 2017 BCCA 76: Contracts; Land Survey; Logging; Crown Land; Waiver ~Counsel Comments provided by Rachel R. Lammers, Counsel for the Appellant
Dunn v. TD Canada Trust, 2017 BCCA 90: Estates; Will Interpretation; Trustee Duties; Bonds and Stocks ~Counsel Comments provided by Eileen Vanderburgh and Emily Clough, Counsel for the Appellant, TD Canada Trust
Bartch v. Bartch, 2017 BCCA 94: Family Law; Marital Assets; Valuation; Appointing Joint Experts; Supreme Court Family Rules


BC Take Five April 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Guthrie v. Abakhan & Associates Inc., 2017 BCCA 102: Fraudulent Conveyance Act; Bankruptcy; Effect of Declaring Conveyance “Void”
Organization of Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia v. Nordine, 2017 BCCA 103: Injunctions; Professional Designation; Chartered Professional Accountants Act
Jiang v. Peoples Trust Company, 2017 BCCA 119: Class Actions; Certification Proceedings; Defining a Class; Statutory Interpretation
Haynes v. Haynes, 2017 BCCA 131: Torts; Negligence; Causation; Truck Trailer; Motor Vehicle Act Regulations
Park v. Targonski, 2017 BCCA 134: Personal Injury; Non-Pecuniary Damages; Mitigation; Wage Loss; Future Earning Capacity


BC Take Five May 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Briante v. Vancouver Island Health Authority, 2017 BCCA 148: Torts; Medical Negligence; Psychiatric Care; Causation; Standard of Care; Costs
Sinai v. Mahmoud, 2017 BCCA 155: Family Law; Division of Family Assets; Distributive Taxes; Double Costs
TD Bank v. British Columbia (Commissioner of Income Tax), 2017 BCCA 159: Tax Refunds; Extension of Time; Statutory Interpretation; Fettering
Weaver v. Corcoran, 2017 BCCA 160: Torts; Defamation; Fair Comment; Climate Science; Fossil Fuel Industry
Paur v. Providence Health Care, 2017 BCCA 161: Torts; Negligence; Hospital Emergency Ward; Suicide; Occupiers Liability Act


BC Take Five June 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Smithies Holdings Inc. v. RCV Holdings Ltd., 2017 BCCA 177: Special Costs; Pre-Litigation Conduct; Special Damages; Joint Ventures ~ Counsel Comments provided by Ronald Josephson, Counsel for the Appellants                                                                                                       Bruce v. Cohon, 2017 BCCA 186: Negligence; Failure to Warn; Professional Football; Labour Law; Collective Agreement ~ Counsel Comments provided by Stephen Shamie, Counsel for the Respondents, the CFL Teams, and Mark Steven Cohon                                                     Hansra v. Hansra, 2017 BCCA 199: Family Law; Special Costs; Rehearing; Limits of Discretion ~ Counsel Comments provided by Parmjit Virk and Graeme Hooper, Counsel for the Appellant
Anonson v. North Vancouver (City), 2017 BCCA 205: Municipal Law; Limitation Periods; Local Government Act;
Poonian v. British Columbia Securities Commission, 2017 BCCA 207: Securities Act; Disgorgement; Standard of Review; Statutory Interpretation; Joint and Several Orders



BC Take Five July 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

British Columbia (Attorney General) v. Lee, 2017 BCCA 219: Privilege; Solicitor-Client Relationship; Legal Advice ~ Counsel Comments provided by Catherine George, Counsel for the Respondents                                                                                        Gordon v. Ahn, 2017 BCCA 221: Torts; Damages; Crumbling Skull Doctrine; Depression ~ Counsel Comments provided by Gavin Cameron, Counsel for the Appellant                                        Harrington Global Opportunities Fund Ltd. v. Eco Oro Minerals Corp., 2017 BCCA 224: Business Corporations; Multiple Proceedings; Conflict Between Tribunals ~ Counsel Comments provided by Teresa Tomchak, Counsel for the Respondents Amber Capital LP and Paulson & Co. Inc.
Pinch (Guardian ad litem of) v. Morwood, 2017 BCCA 234: Torts; Negligence; Medical Care; Evidence; Palpable and Overriding Error ~ Counsel Comments provided by Paul McGivern, Counsel for the Respondents                                                                                Francescutti v. Vancouver (City), 2017 BCCA 242: Human Rights Tribunal; Judicial Review; Reasonable Prospect of Success


BC Take Five August 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Lau v. Royal Bank of Canada, 2017 BCCA 253: Aggravated Damages; Employment Law; Wrongful Dismissal; Psychological Impact McDonald v. McDonald, 2017 BCCA 255: Wills and Estates; Unjust Enrichment; Family Farm; Chores ~ Counsel Comments provided by Mark Stacey, Counsel for the Appellant Julie McDonald; and by Kathy Ducey and Spencer May, Counsel for the Respondents Sylvia McDonald and for the Estate of Samuel McDonald                                                Ilett v. Buckley, 2017 BCCA 257: Torts; Motor Vehicle Accident; Bicycles; Duty of Care; Damages ~ Counsel Comments provided by Dana Quantz, Counsel for the Respondent                               Winstanley v. Winstanley, 2017 BCCA 265: Wills and Estates; Trusts; Presumption of Resulting Trust; Dependency ~ Counsel Comments provided by Michael F. Welsh, Counsel for the Respondent; and by Eileen Vanderburgh, Counsel for the Appellants                                     Zongshen (Canada) Environtech Ltd. v. Bowen Island (Municipality), 2017 BCCA 267: Municipal Law; Building Permits; Prohibited Uses; Moorage


BC Take Five September 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Schoenhalz v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, 2017 BCCA 289: Torts; Motor Vehicle Accident; Insurance; “Ought to have known”; Objective Standard
Victory Motors (Abbotsford) Ltd. v. Assessor of Area No. 15 – Fraser Valley, 2017 BCCA 295: Property Assessment; Contamination; Value to Owner; Market Value ~ Counsel Comments provided by R. Bruce Hallsor, Q.C. and Colin G. Simkus, Counsel for the Appellant                                                                                                  M.M. v. T.B., 2017 BCCA 296: Family Law; Aboriginal Heritage and Identity; Adoption; Best Interests of the Child ~ Counsel Comments provided by Graeme Hooper and Jasmeet Wahid, Counsel for the Respondents M.M. and R.M.                                                          Paterson v. Burgess, 2017 BCCA 298: Real Property; Stratas; Statutory Building Scheme ~ Counsel Comments provided by L. John Alexander, Counsel for the Appellant Burgess                                                            J.P. v. British Columbia (Children and Family Development), 2017 BCCA 308: Civil Procedure; Fresh Evidence; Inadmissible Evidence; Procedural Fairness; Miscarriage of Justice ~ Counsel Comments provided by Morgan Camley, Counsel for the Appellant B.G.


BC Take Five October 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Ghassemvand v. Premium Weatherstripping Inc., 2017 BCCA 309: Shareholders Agreements; Contributions; Contract Interpretation; Loans ~ Counsel Comments provided by Cameron Wardell, Counsel for the Appellant                                                                                       Northwest Waste Solutions Inc. v. Super Save Disposal Inc., 2017 BCCA 312: Procedure; Abuse of Process; Lawyer’s Mistake; Application to Strike ~ Counsel Comments provided by James MacInnis, Counsel for the Respondent
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers v. British Columbia Safety Authority, 2017 BCCA 313: Administrative Decisions; Safety Standards Act; Judicial Review; Question of Jurisdiction ~ Counsel Comments provided by Charles Gordon, Counsel for the Respondent International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Provincial Council, and Counsel Comments provided by Mark Guiton, Counsel for the Respondent British Columbia Safety Authority 
Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia v. British Columbia, 2017 BCCA 324: Constitutional Law; Charter; Access to Justice; Civil Jury Fees                                                                                                      Singh v. Soper, 2017 BCCA 335: Worker’s Compensation; Business-Related Losses; Reasonable Foreseeability; Civil Action


BC Take Five November 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Economical Mutual Insurance Company v. Gill, 2017 BCCA 351: Insurance; Torts; Third Party Claims; Family Member Exclusion; Interpretation Rules ~ Counsel Comments provided by Chris Rhone, Counsel for the Appellant, and Counsel Comments provided by Sean R. Lerner, Counsel for the Respondent                                                                                                       Hellberg v. Netherclift, 2017 BCCA 363: Family Law; Relocation; New Evidence; Misapprehension of Evidence ~ Counsel Comments provided by Cameron King, Counsel for the Appellant
Arbutus Bay Estates Ltd. v. Canada (Attorney General), 2017 BCCA 374: Property; Easements; Wharf; Ancillary Rights; Rectification
The Owners, Strata Plan KAS 2428 v. Baettig, 2017 BCCA 377 Areas of Law: Property Law; Strata Property Act; Liens; Legal Costs; Statutory Interpretation
Zhang v. Tsai, 2017 BCCA 371: Contracts; Rescission; Specific Performance; Summary Trials


BC Take Five December 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Peterson v. 446690 B.C. Ltd. (Seymour Arm Hotel & Restaurant), 2017 BCCA 394: Purchase and Sale; Contracts; Fundamental Breach; Damages                                                                                                       Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre v. Charbonneau, 2017 BCCA 395: Procedure; Interlocutory Injunctions; Charter of Rights and Freedoms; Free Speech ~ Counsel Comments provided by Arden Beddoes, counsel for the Appellants, Gary Charbonneau and Evotion Films Inc. and Counsel Comments provided by Monique Pongracic-Speier, Counsel for the Intervenor, British Columbia Civil Liberties Association 
EY Holdings Ltd. v. Great Pacific Mortgage & Investments Ltd., 2017 BCCA 405: Shareholders’ Remedies; Foss v. Harbottle; Mismanagement of Funds
Pawloski v. British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles), 2017 BCCA 406: Judicial Review; Adjudication; Standard of Review; Roadside Driving Prohibition
Barrett v. The Owners, Strata Plan LMS3265, 2017 BCCA 414: Strata Corporations; Strata Property Regulation; Improving Habitable Spaces


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