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BC Take Five January 2013 cover Summarized Cases:

Jackson v. The Standard Life Assurance Company, 2012 BCCA 503: Insurance Policies; Interpretation; Eligibility for Benefits
Truong v. Tran, 2012 BCCA 492: Family Law; Apportionment of Assets; Reapportionment ~ Counsel Comments provided by Marc Misner, Counsel for the Appellants, Kia Thi Truong and Len Ngoc Tran Marc
Dueck Chevrolet Cadillac Hummer Limited v. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, 2012 BCCA 493: Insurance; Motor Vehicles; Limitation Periods ~ Counsel Comments provided by Michael Hewitt, Counsel for the Appellant, ICBC
Ted LeRoy Trucking Ltd. (Re), 2012 BCCA 511: Bankruptcy and Insolvency; Secured Creditors; Employee Wages and Benefits                 Milliken v. Rowe, 2012 BCCA 490: Torts; Foreseeability of Damages; Costs of Future Care of Plaintiff’s Spouse ~ Counsel Comments provided by Vanessa Gauthier, Counsel for the Appellant, Cameron Rowe


BC Take Five February 2013 cover Summarized Cases:

The Los Angeles Salad Company Inc. v. Canadian Food Inspection Agency, 2013 BCCA 34: Negligence; Duty of Care; Food Inspections
Law Society of British Columbia v. Chiang, 2013 BCCA 8: Administrative Law; Professional Discipline; Standard of Review
Schlenker v. Torgrimson, 2013 BCCA 9: Municipal Law; Elected Officials; Conflict of Interest; Societies ~ Counsel Comments provided by L. John Alexander and Aurora Faulkner-Killam, Counsel for the Appellants, and, by Francesca Marzari, Counsel for the Respondents
Bosworth v. Jurock
, 2013 BCCA 4: Class Actions; Real Estate Development; Condominiums ~ Counsel Comments provided by Jon Goheen and Roy Millen, Counsel for the Respondent                         Kruger Products Limited v. First Choice Logistics Inc., 2013 BCCA 3: Bailment; Insurance; Subrogation ~ Counsel Comments Comments provided by W. Gary Wharton and Neo J. Tuytel, Counsel for the Appellant 


BC Take Five March 2013 cover Summarized Cases:

Vilardell v. Dunham, 2013 BCCA 65: Civil litigation; Constitutional Issues; Costs; Court Fees ~ Counsel Comments provided by Kasari Govender, Counsel for the Intervenor, West Coast Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, and, by Jamie Maclaren and Ryan Parsons, Counsel for the Respondent, Montserrat Vilardell
Sga’nism Sim’augit (Chief Mountain) v. Canada (Attorney General), 2013 BCCA 49: Aboriginal Law; Treaties and Agreements; Constitutional Law; Separation of Powers
Tang v. Zhang, 2013 BCCA 52: Real Property Law; Sale of Land; Forfeiture of Deposit ~ Counsel Comments provided by Joel Morris and Wesley McMillan, Counsel for the Appellants
Edenvale Restoration Specialists Ltd. v. British Columbia (Finance), 2013 BCCA 85: Taxation; Partnership Law; Sales Tax Civil Procedure; Striking Pleadings; Appearance by Non-parties; Civil Forfeiture


BC Take Five April 2013 cover Summarized Cases:

Wallman v. Gill, 2013 BCCA 110: Civil Procedure; Leave to Appeal; Striking Jury
Owners, Strata Plan LMS 3851 v. Homer Street Development Limited Partnership, 2013 BCCA 99: Civil Practice and Procedure; Functus Officio; Real Estate Development; Disclosure Statements
Moradkhan v. Mofidi, 2013 BCCA 132: Civil Procedure; Reopening Trial; Fresh Evidence ~ Counsel Comments provided by Georgialee Lang, Counsel for the Appellant, Ms. Moradkhan
Temple Consulting Group Ltd. v. Abakhan & Associates Inc., 2013 BCCA 119: Civil Practice and Procedure; Reopening Appeals; Fresh Evidence                                                                                                                         Unlu v. Air Canada, 2013 BCCA 112: Unfair Trade Practices; Constitutional Law; Paramountcy; Interjurisdictional Immunity


BC Take Five May 2013 cover Summarized Cases:

Ibbotson v. Fung, 2013 BCCA 171: Family Law; Division of Assets; Constructive Trusts ~ Counsel Comments provided by Mark Slay and Zara Suleman, Counsel for the Respondent, Lindsay Y. Ibbotson Federation of Law Societies of Canada v. Canada (Attorney General), 2013 BCCA 147: Constitutional Law; Charter; Solicitor-Client Privilege; Money Laundering ~ Counsel Comments provided by Roy Millen, Counsel for the Respondent, The Federation of Law Societies of Canada, and, by Ron A. Skolrood, QC, Counsel for the Intervenor, Canadian Bar Association
Easingwood v. Cockroft, 2013 BCCA 182: Wills and Estates; Trusts; Powers of Attorney ~ Counsel Comments provided by Candace Cho, Counsel for the Appellant, Kathleen Lillian Easingwood, and, by Duncan J. Manson, counsel for the Respondent trustees in Easingwood v. Cockroft, 2013 BCCA 182, and for the Plaintiff in Mawdsley v. Meshen, 2012 BCCA 192
Jestadt v. Performing Arts Lodge Vancouver, 2013 BCCA 183: Administrative Law; Standard of Review; Residential Tenancy               Gooch v. E.M.F. Holdings Ltd., 2013 BCCA 148: Real Property; Foreclosure; Limitation Periods ~ Counsel Comments provided by Grant Morrison and Peter Schmidt, Counsel for the Appellants, Gordon Frederick William Gooch and Barbara Lynn Richardson


BC Take Five June 2013 cover Summarized Cases:

Casses v. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 2013 BCCA 200: Defamation; Pleadings
Lacey v. Weyerhaeuser Company Limited, 2013 BCCA 252: Employment Law; Pensions; Vested Rights ~ Counsel Comments provided by Amanda Merritt, Counsel for the Respondents Lorne K. Lacey, Kenneth James Miller, Raymond Morris, George E. Plant and Mary Jane Walker
Goundar v. Nguyen, 2013 BCCA 251: Civil Practice and Procedure; Admissions of Liability ~ Counsel Comments provided by counsel for the Appellant, Michael Airton
Logan v. Hong, 2013 BCCA 249: Privacy; Physician-Patient Confidentiality; Class Actions ~ Counsel Comments provided by David Rosenberg, Q.C., counsel for the Respondent, S. Logan                       Wenngatz v. 371431 Alberta Ltd., 2013 BCCA 225: Civil Practice and Procedure; Forum non conveniens; Abuse of Process


BC Take Five July 2013 cover Summarized Cases:

Suen v. Suen, 2013 BCCA 313: Real Property Law; Resulting Trusts; Constructive Trusts
First Majestic Silver Corp. v. Davila, 2013 BCCA 312: Civil Practice and Procedure; Security for Judgment
Bulkley Credit Union v. Jellett, 2013 BCCA 298: Real Property Law; Foreclosures; Civil Practice and Procedure; Costs ~ Counsel Comments provided by Donald A. Giddings, Counsel for the Appellant, Bulkley Valley Credit Union
Aitken v. Minister of Public Safety, 2013 BCCA 291: Worker’s Compensation; Crown Liability                                                            Allen v. Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd., 2013 BCCA 271: Employment; Wrongful Dismissal; Constructive Dismissal ~ Counsel Comments provided by Richard Press, Counsel for the Appellant, Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd, and, by Katherine Wellburn, Counsel for the Respondent, Robert Allen


BC Take Five August 2013 cover Summarized Cases:

The Owners, Strata Plan BCS 3699 v. 299 Burrard Development Inc., 2013 BCCA 356: Real Property; Allocation of Shared Expenses; Disclosure of Documents ~ Counsel Comments provided by Shane Coblin, Counsel for the Appellants
Whetung v. British Columbia (Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal), 2013 BCCA 350: Injury; Worker’s Compensation; Award in Separate Action; Subrogation
Mawani v. Pitcairn, 2013 BCCA 338: Tort; Negligence; Motor Vehicle Accident; Apportionment of Liability ~ Counsel Comments provided by Kevin Gourlay, Counsel for the Respondent, Mansurali Mawani
Mainstream Canada v. Staniford, 2013 BCCA 341: Salmon Farming; Defamation; Defence of Fair Comment; Punitive Damages ~ Counsel Comments provided by David Wotherspoon, Counsel for the Appellant, Mainstream Canada
British Columbia (Attorney General) v. Beacon Community Services Society, 2013 BCCA 317: Health Care Costs Recovery; Statutory Interpretation; Limitation Period


BC Take Five September 2013 cover Summarized Cases:

Murray v. British Columbia (Superintendent of Motor Vehicles): Motor Vehicle Act; Administrative Law; Driving Prohibitions
0759594 B.C. Ltd. v. 568295 British Columbia Ltd., 2013 BCCA 381: Contracts; Representations and Warranties; Real Property
On Call Internet Services Ltd. v. Telus Communications Company, 2013 BCCA 366: Arbitration; Civil Practice and Procedure ~ Counsel Comments provided by David Wotherspoon, Counsel for the Respondent 
Federal Government Dockyard Trades and Labour Council v. Canada (Attorney General), 2013 BCCA 371: Labour law; Collective Bargaining; Arbitration; Constitutional Law                                                                                                                                                    Weldon v. Teck Metals Ltd., 2013 BCCA 358: Pensions; Limitation Periods ~ Counsel Comments provided by Geoffrey Gomery, Q.C., Counsel for the Appellant, Teck Metals Ltd.


BC Take Five October 2013 cover Summarized Cases:

Lower v. Stasiuk, 2013 BCCA 389: Civil Litigation and Procedure; Family Law; Addition of Witness as Party to Proceedings for Purpose of Assessing Special Costs; Witness Immunity ~ Counsel Comments provided by Steven Mansfield, Counsel for the Appellant                 Vandale v. British Columbia (Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal), 2013 BCCA 391: Workers’ Compensation; Appeals and Judicial Review; Standard of Review; Res Judicata                                Hik v. Redlick, 2013 BCCA 392: Contracts; Implied Terms; Breach of Contract ~ Counsel Comments provided by L. John Alexander, Counsel for the Appellant                                                                            McIlvenna v. Viebig, 2013 BCCA 411: Negligence; Motor Vehicle Accidents; Civil Procedure; Costs against Litigation Guardian ~ Counsel Comments provided by Mary-Helen Wright, counsel for the Respondent                                                                                          British Columbia Public School Employers’ Assn. v. British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, 2013 BCCA 405: Labour Arbitration; Interpretation of Collective Agreement; Human Rights; Jurisdiction of Court of Appeal


BC Take Five November 2013 cover Summarized Cases:

Carter v. Canada, 2013 BCCA 435: Constitutional Law; Criminal Law; Health Care Law; Validity of Criminal Code Provisions Prohibiting Physician-Assisted Suicide- Stare Decisis ~ Counsel Comments provided by Geoffrey Trotter, Counsel for the Intervenor, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, and, by Jason Gratl, Counsel for the Intervenor, Farewell Foundation for the Right to Die, and, by Tim Dickson, counsel for the Intervenor, Canadian Unitarian Council                                 Scott-Polson v. Lupkoski, 2013 BCCA 428: Wills and Estates; Variation of Will under Wills Variation Act ~ Counsel Comments provided by Patrice Newman, Counsel for the Respondents (Plaintiffs) Yen Estate v. Yen-Zimmerman, 2013 BCCA 42: Wills and Estates; Proof of Will in Solemn Form; Compliance with Formal Requirements of Execution— Presumption of Proper Execution ~ Counsel Comments provided by Bob Kasting, Counsel for the Appellants                           Palcic v. Sadek, 2013 BCCA 440: Contracts; Remedies; Rescission for Innocent Misrepresentation                                                                           First Majestic Silver Corp. v. Santos, 2013 BCCA 458: Corporate law; Director’s Liability for Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Civil Procedure; Security for Costs; Dismissal of Appeal on Basis of Abandonment.


BC Take Five December 2013 cover Summarized Cases:

Teck Coal Ltd. v. United Steelworkers Local 9346 (Elkview Operations), 2013 BCCA 485: Labour Arbitration; Human Rights; Right to Privacy; Interim Injunctive Relief; Jurisdiction of Court to Review Arbitrator’s Decision                                                               Owners Strata Plan LMS 2769 v. Jordinson, 2013 BCCA 484: Property Law; Strata Units; Duty of Unit Holders to Comply with Legislation and Strata Rules and Bylaws; Power of Court to Order Sale of Unit Where Unit Holder Failing to Adhere to Injunctive Order Requiring Compliance ~ Counsel Comments provided by Phil Dougan, Counsel for the Respondent                                                                           Bronson v. Tompkins Ranching Ltd., 2013 BCCA 477: Trusts; Res Judicata; Abuse of Process                                                                    Peebles v. Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Co., 2013 BCCA 479: Insurance Law; Property Damage; Interpretation of Vacancy Exclusion ~ Counsel Comments provided by Kevin Gourlay, Counsel for the Appellants                                                                                               Dandell v. Thompson Rivers University, 2013 BCCA 490: Occupiers Liability; Occupier’s Duty to Ensure Premises Reasonably Safe; Grounds for Appeal; Determination of Issue of Reasonable Care; Whether Determination Raising Question of Law; Willful Assumption of Risk

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