2018 – Alberta


Alberta Take Five January 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Baker v. Ramsdell, 2017 ABCA 427: Family Law; Matrimonial Property Claim; Limitation Period
Keating v. Keating, 2017 ABCA 428: Family Law; Spousal Support; Custody; Imputed Income
Beazer v. Tollestrup Estate, 2017 ABCA 429: Lawyer Negligence; Wills and Estates; Mortgages; Past Consideration
Stoney Tribal Council v. Canadian Pacific Railway, 2017 ABCA 432: Procedure; Summary Judgment; Indian Act; Limitations
College of Physicians & Surgeons Alberta v. Ali, 2017 ABCA 442: Self-Regulating Professions; Apprehension of Bias; Waiver; Bankruptcy


Alberta Take Five February 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

MacLeod v. Alberta College of Social Workers, 2018 ABCA 13: Self-Governing Professions; Professional Misconduct; Procedural Fairness; Particulars
Sorensen v. Cooney, 2018 ABCA 17: Family Law; Guardianship; Parenting Arrangements; Chambers
Janot v. Janot, 2018 ABCA 20: Self-Represented Litigants; Procedural Fairness; Injunctive Relief; Chambers ~ Counsel Comments provided by Nigel Forster and Ian Miller, Counsel for the Appellant                                                                                                                                                                   Holm v. AGAT Laboratories Ltd., 2018 ABCA 23: Employment Law; Constructive Dismissal; Pay in Lieu of Notice; Standard of Review
Sangha v. Alberta, 2018 ABCA 32: Civil Procedure; Negligence; Collateral Attack; Abuse of Process; Traffic Light


Alberta Take Five March 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Grande Prairie (County No. 1) v. Hildebrand, 2018 ABCA 53: Municipal Law; Development Permit; Caveat; Renewal Application
Jessen v. Jessen, 2018 ABCA 59: Family Law; Spousal Support; Material Change in Circumstances                                                                                           Strategic Acquisition Corp v. Multus Investment Corporation, 2018 ABCA 63: Costs; Appeals; Outcome of Appeal Changing Factual Basis for Costs Award                                                                                                                            Cardinal v. Alberta Motor Association Insurance Company, 2018 ABCA 69: Insurance Law; Coverage; Exclusions; Ambiguity; Endorsement                         Unifor, Local 707A v. Suncor Energy Inc., 2018 ABCA 75: Labour Law; Arbitration; Interim Injunctions; Drug and Alcohol Testing


Alberta Take Five April 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

RFG Private Equity Limited Partnership No. 1B v. Value Creation Inc., 2018 ABCA 85: Corporations; Shareholder Dissent; Asset Values; Oil Sands
May v. 1986855 Alberta Ltd., 2018 ABCA 94: Property Law; Restrictive Covenants; Interim Injunctions ~ Counsel Comments provided by Jeremy Taylor and Leah McDaniel, Counsel for the Appellant 
Pacer Construction Holdings Corporation v. Pacer Promec Energy Corporation, 2018 ABCA 113: Construction Law; Subcontractors; Termination of Contract; Receivership; Liens ~ Counsel Comments provided by David LeGeyt, Counsel for the Appellant                          JCC v. NNC, 2018 ABCA 115: Family Law; Child Support; Paternity; DNA Testing ~ Counsel Comments provided by Rod Onoferychuk, Counsel for the Appellant
Stefanyk v. Sobeys Capital Incorporated, 2018 ABCA 125: Torts; Personal Injury; Common Law Duty of Care; Occupier; Summary Dismissal ~ Counsel Comments provided by Nabeel Peermohamed, Counsel for the Appellant 


Alberta Take Five May 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

English v. Alberta (Service Alberta), 2018 ABCA 141: Corporate Registry; Striking Corporations; Revival; Error of Fact
Carroll v. ATCO Electric Ltd., 2018 ABCA 146: Employment Law; Termination; Reasonable Notice                                                            Alberta v. ENMAX Energy Corporation, 2018 ABCA 147: Energy Production; Tax Exemption; Municipalities; Balancing Payments
McIver v. McIntyre, 2018 ABCA 151: Employment Law; Workers’ Compensation; Vehicle Accident; Vicarious Liability ~ Counsel Comments provided by David B. Kitchen, Counsel for the Respondent Rotzang v. CIBC World Markets Inc., 2018 ABCA 153: Limitation Periods; Summary Dismissal; Breach of Contract; Fiduciary Duty



Summarized Cases:

Ripulone v. Smith, 2018 ABCA 167: Family Law; Child Support; Imputed Income; Failure to Disclose
Arndt v. Banerji, 2018 ABCA 176: Administrative Law; Tribunals; Collateral Attack; Workers’ Compensation Act
Dhillon v. Sikh Society Calgary, 2018 ABCA 193: Society Bylaws; Charge on Land; Easements; Mootness ~ Counsel Comments provided by Ugochukwu (Ugo) Ukpabi, Counsel for the Appellant; and by Harman Toor, Counsel for the Respondent
Kikino Metis Settlement v. Abtosway, 2018 ABCA 199:
Aboriginal Peoples; Metis; Metis Settlements Act; Bylaws; Membership Criteria; Tribunals ~ Counsel Comments provided by William McElhanney and Alexander W. Yiu, Counsel for the Appellant; and by Kirk Lambrecht, Q.C., Counsel to the Metis Settlements Appeal Tribunal
Funk v. Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company, 2018 ABCA 200:
Insurance Law; Unidentified Automobile; Indemnity; Injuries


Alberta Take Five July 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Angus Partnership Inc. v. Salvation Army (Governing Council), 2018 ABCA 206: Real Property; Conveyancing; Title; Indefeasibility; Good Faith
Webber Academy Foundation v. Alberta (Human Rights Commission), 2018 ABCA 207: Human Rights; Charter of Rights and Freedoms; Education; Religious Accommodation                               689799 Alberta Ltd v. Edmonton (City), 2018 ABCA 212: Administrative Law; Municipal Law; Settlement Privilege; Litigation Privilege; Land Compensation                                                         Brookdale International Partners, L.P. v. Crescent Point Energy Corp., 2018 ABCA 221: Corporations; Shareholder Dissent; Fair Value; Advance Payments                                                                                644036 Alberta Ltd v. Kay McVey Smith & Carlstrom LLP, 2018 ABCA 236: Legal Profession; Solicitor’s Negligence; Failure to Convey; Damages


Alberta Take Five August 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Eon Energy Ltd v. Ferrybank Resources Ltd., 2018 ABCA 243: Natural Resources; Contracts; Procedure; Application to Amend; Evidence
Alberta Human Rights Commission (Director) v. Vegreville Autobody (1993) Ltd., 2018 ABCA 246: Alberta Human Rights Act; Limitation Period; Striking Appeal; Service
West v. Logie Family Law, 2018 ABCA 255: Legal Profession; Retainer Agreements; Review of Accounts; Extension of Time; Ex parte Fiat ~ with Counsel Comments provided by Lesley Cooney-Burk, Counsel for the Appellant; and, by Kent Jesse, Counsel for the Respondent
R v. Klassen, 2018 ABCA 258:
Criminal Law; Charter of Rights and Freedoms; Right to Trial Within Reasonable Time ~ with Counsel Comments provided by Shelley Tkatch, Counsel for the Appellant; and by Jennifer Ruttan, Counsel for the Respondent
British Columbia v. Philip Morris International, Inc., 2018 SCC 36:
Procedure; Disclosure; Compelling Production; Tobacco Damages and Health Care Costs Recovery Act


Alberta Take Five September 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Zuk v. Alberta Dental Association and College, 2018 ABCA 270: Self-Governing Professions; Administrative Tribunals; Unprofessional Conduct
R v. Precision Diversified Oilfield Services Corp., 2018 ABCA 273: Occupational Health and Safety Act; Strict Liability; Actus reus; Due Diligence
Piikani Nation v. Kostic, 2018 ABCA 275: Re-Argument; Fresh Evidence; Case Management; Summary Dismissal
898294 Alberta Ltd v. Riverside Quays Limited Partnership, 2018 ABCA 281: Summary Judgment; Debt Proceedings; Shareholders Agreements
Toronto-Dominion Bank v. Leadbetter, 2018 ABQB 611: Abusive Litigation; Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument Litigants; Vexatious Litigants


Alberta Take Five October 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Krause v. Krause, 2018 ABCA 293: Family Law; Parenting Order; Child and Family Services; Regular Chambers
Maciborski v. Maciborski, 2018 ABCA 297: Family Law; Temporary Orders; Formal Orders; Correcting Errors
Canadian Natural Resources Limited v. Wood Group Mustang (Canada) Inc. (IMV Projects Inc.), 2018 ABCA 305: Torts; Negligence; Pipeline; Environmental Damage; Apportionment of Fault ~ Counsel Comments provided by Andrew Sunter, Robert Martz, and Jeff Sharpe, Counsel for the Respondent, Appellant/Cross Respondent, Appellant Canadian Natural Resources Limited
541788 Alberta Ltd v. Bourgeois & Company Ltd., 2018 ABCA 310: Real Property; Appraisal; Summary Judgment; Contract Interpretation Envacon Inc v. 829693 Alberta Ltd., 2018 ABCA 313: Contempt; Production Orders; Failure to Produce Financial Information; Costs



Alberta Take Five November 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

DePagie v. Crawford & Company Inc., 2018 ABCA 326: Class Proceedings; Settlement Agreement; Hepatitis C; Benefits ~ with Counsel Comments provided by Luciana Brasil, Counsel for the Respondent 
Richardson v. Richardson, 2018 ABCA 327: Family Law; Matrimonial Property; Discontinuing an Action
Deluca v. Alberta (Law Enforcement Review Board), 2018 ABCA 340: Administrative Law; Judicial Review; Jurisdiction; Police Discipline
Johnson v. Goyette, 2018 ABCA 353: Family Law; Unjust Enrichment; Joint Family Venture ~ with Counsel Comments provided by Laurie Allen, Counsel for the Appellant; and by Robert Knight and Abraham Fares, Counsel for the Respondent 
Kostic v. CIBC Trust Corporation, 2018 ABCA 355: Litigation Procedure; Case Management; Duty to Defend; Privity of Contract ~ with Counsel Comments provided by Gabor Zinner, Counsel for the Respondent/Cross-Appellant 


Alberta Take Five December 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Geophysical Service Incorporated v. Murphy Oil Company Ltd., 2018 ABCA 380: Torts; Breach of Confidence; Damages; Retroactive Contracts; Standard of Review
Geophysical Service Incorporated v. Encana Corporation, 2018 ABCA 384: Torts; Breach of Confidence; Seismic Data; Limitations
Laverick v. Alberta (Attorney General), 2018 ABCA 390: Constitutional Exemptions; Mootness; Administrative Licence Suspension; Stare decisis
R v. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 2018 ABCA 391: Freedom of the Press; Criminal Contempt; Prior Publication
Petz v. Duguay, 2018 ABCA 402: Personal Injury; Motor Vehicle Accident; Causation of Injury; Credibility

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