2012 – Alberta


Alberta Take Five January 2012 Summarized Cases:


Summarized Cases:


Alberta Take Five March 2012 Summarized Cases:


Alberta Take Five April 2012 Summarized Cases:


Alberta Take Five May 2012 Summarized Cases:


Alberta Take Five June 2012 Summarized Cases:


Alberta Take Five July 2012 Summarized Cases:


Alberta Take Five August 2012 Summarized Cases:

Metcalfe Estate v. Yamaha Motor Powered Products Co., Ltd., 2012 ABCA 240: Civil Procedure: Service Ex Juris; Hague Convention on the Service Abroad Judicial and Extra-judicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters
InterPipeline Fund v. Alberta (Energy Resources Conservation Board), 2012 ABCA 208: Oil and Gas; Energy Resources Conservation Board Practice and Procedure; Standard of Judicial Review
Canada Safeway Limited v. Alberta, 2012 ABCA 232; Husky Energy Inc. v. Alberta, 2012 ABCA 231: Income Tax Law: Corporate Income Tax; General Anti-Avoidance Rules
Liberty Mortgage Services Ltd. v. Canada (National Revenue), 2012 ABCA 225: Debtor and Creditor; Crown Prerogative; Civil Enforcement Act
McCauley Community League v. Edmonton (City), 2012 ABCA 224: Municipal Law; Subdivision and Development; Zoning Bylaws


Alberta Take Five September 2012 Summarized Cases:

Benc v. Parker, 2012 ABCA 249: Motor Vehicle Accidents; Minor Injury Regulation; Medical Examinations; Limitation
Ko v. Hillview Homes Ltd., 2012 ABCA 245: Contracts; Building Contracts; Certainty of Terms
G.L. v N.A.H., 2012 ABCA 247: Family Law; Child Protection; Leave to Appeal
United States of America v. Sosa, 2012 ABCA 242: Extradition; Committal for Trial; Leave to Appeal
Martin v. Alberta (Workers’ Compensation Board), 2012 ABCA 248: Workers’ Compensation; Federal Employees; Statutory Interpretation



Alberta Take Five October 2012 Summarized Cases:

Wright v College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (Appeals Committee), 2012 ABCA 267: Administrative Law; Professions and Occupations; Registered Nurses; Human Rights Legislation
Sandhu v MEG Place LP Investment Corporation, 2012 ABCA 266: Bankruptcy and Insolvency; Civil Procedure: Service of Claims: Disallowance Claims
Beacon Hill Service (2000) Limited v Esso Petroleum Canada, 2012 ABCA 269: Conflict of Laws; Abuse of Process; Legal Representation
Condominium Corporation No. 9813678 v. Statesman Corporation, 2012 ABCA 265: Civil Procedure; Costs; Bullock Order; Calderbank Order
Encana Corporation v. Devon Canada Corporation, 2012 ABCA 271: Oil and Gas; Mines and Minerals; Leaseholds


Alberta Take Five November 2012 Summarized Cases:

Williams v. Telecommunications Workers Union, 2012 ABCA 284: Wrongful Dismissal; Labour Relations; Trade Unions
Lund v. Boissoin, 2012 ABCA 300: Human Rights; Freedom of Speech; Hate Speech
Parkdale Nifty Fifties Seniors Association v Calgary (City), 2012 ABCA 301: Municipal Law; Estoppel; Adverse Possession
Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, Local 707 v. Suncor Energy Inc., 2012 ABCA 307: Labour Relations; Drug-Testing Policy; Injunctions; Stay of Proceedings
Karagic v. Calgary (City), 2012 ABCA 309: Municipal Law; Property Development Permits



Alberta Take Five December 2012 Summarized Cases:

University of Alberta v Chang, 2012 ABCA 324: Judiciary; Reasons for Decision; Sufficiency of Reasons for Decision
Elbow River Marketing Limited Partnership v. Canada Clean Fuels Inc., 2012 ABCA 328: Civil Procedure; Pre-Trial; Summary Applications; Agency; Piercing the Corporate Veil
Edmonton (Police Service) v. Alberta (Law Enforcement Review Board), 2012 ABCA 357: Police; Disciplinary Proceedings; Standard of Review
McAllister v Calgary (City), 2012 ABCA 346: Police; Municipal Law; Documentary Disclosure
St. Cyr v Alberta (Workers’ Compensation Board), 2012 ABCA 358: Workers’ Compensation; Calculation of Earnings; Estoppel; Res Judicata


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