2019 – BC


Summarized Cases:

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority v. Moscipan, 2019 BCCA 17: Torts; Fraud; Conversion; Fraudulent Conveyance; Knowing Receipt~ Counsel Comments provided by Graeme Hooper, Counsel for the Appellant

Wright v. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, 2019 BCCA 18: Insurance; Personal Injury; Damages; Procedural Fairness

Baryla v. Baryla, 2019 BCCA 22: Family Law; Spousal Support; Joint Tenancy; “Double Dipping” ~ Counsel Comments provided by Nicholas Davies, Counsel for the Appellant

Wu v. Vancouver (City), 2019 BCCA 23: Municipal Law; Private Law Duty of Care; Bad Faith; Compensation; Mandamus

Price Security Holdings Inc. v. Klompas & Rothwell, 2019 BCCA 36:  Property; Leases; Trusts; Beneficiary; Standing to Sue Third-Party Debtor ~ Counsel Comments provided by Stephen Lyons, Counsel for the Appellant



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