2018 – Alberta


Alberta Take Five January 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Baker v. Ramsdell, 2017 ABCA 427: Family Law; Matrimonial Property Claim; Limitation Period
Keating v. Keating, 2017 ABCA 428: Family Law; Spousal Support; Custody; Imputed Income
Beazer v. Tollestrup Estate, 2017 ABCA 429: Lawyer Negligence; Wills and Estates; Mortgages; Past Consideration                                     Stoney Tribal Council v. Canadian Pacific Railway, 2017 ABCA 432: Procedure; Summary Judgment; Indian Act; Limitations                College of Physicians & Surgeons Alberta v. Ali, 2017 ABCA 442: Self-Regulating Professions; Apprehension of Bias; Waiver; Bankruptcy


Alberta Take Five February 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

MacLeod v. Alberta College of Social Workers, 2018 ABCA 13: Self-Governing Professions; Professional Misconduct; Procedural Fairness; Particulars
Sorensen v. Cooney, 2018 ABCA 17: Family Law; Guardianship; Parenting Arrangements; Chambers
Janot v. Janot, 2018 ABCA 20: Self-Represented Litigants; Procedural Fairness; Injunctive Relief; Chambers ~ Counsel Comments provided by Nigel Forster and Ian Miller, Counsel for the Appellant                                                                                                       Holm v. AGAT Laboratories Ltd., 2018 ABCA 23: Employment Law; Constructive Dismissal; Pay in Lieu of Notice; Standard of Review Sangha v. Alberta, 2018 ABCA 32: Civil Procedure; Negligence; Collateral Attack; Abuse of Process; Traffic Light


Alberta Take Five March 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Grande Prairie (County No. 1) v. Hildebrand, 2018 ABCA 53: Municipal Law; Development Permit; Caveat; Renewal Application
Jessen v. Jessen, 2018 ABCA 59: Family Law; Spousal Support; Material Change in Circumstances                                                                                           Strategic Acquisition Corp v. Multus Investment Corporation, 2018 ABCA 63: Costs; Appeals; Outcome of Appeal Changing Factual Basis for Costs Award                                                                                                                            Cardinal v. Alberta Motor Association Insurance Company, 2018 ABCA 69: Insurance Law; Coverage; Exclusions; Ambiguity; Endorsement                         Unifor, Local 707A v. Suncor Energy Inc., 2018 ABCA 75: Labour Law; Arbitration; Interim Injunctions; Drug and Alcohol Testing


Alberta Take Five April 2018 cover Summarized Cases:


Alberta Take Five May 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

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