Testimonial – Ron Josephson

“It has been many years that OnPoint Law Corporation has been doing legal research for my firm on a number of complex commercial cases. On every occasion, I have had the same experience. OnPoint Law Corporation provided top-notch legal research in a way I could use effectively in the Courtroom. You and your team have a depth of legal knowledge and experience in legal research that is a valuable resource for a boutique commercial litigation firm such as mine. You understand the nature of the complex commercial issues and you pursue focused research, providing practical answers to my questions. I also value highly the discussions we have about the arguments I intend to make in submissions to the Court. Very often I adopt in large measure the outline of the legal research directly into my submissions. In addition to the quality of the legal services that OnPoint Law Corporation has provided to my firm over the years, the notion of client service is front and centre in all that you do. Timely, professional, collaborative and collegial is how I describe the way in which you deliver legal research services to my firm. I am pleased to provide this testimonial to OnPoint Law Corporation and to recommend your services. I am certain that the benefit I have derived from my association with OnPoint over the years will be enjoyed by other firms such as my own.”

Vancouver-based Litigator


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