2013 – Alberta


Summarized Cases:

375850 Alberta Ltd. v. Noel, 2012 ABCA 372: Human Rights Legislation; Employment-based Discrimination; Public Accommodation-based Discrimination                                                                                                                                                                MacKenas Estates Development Corporation v. Calgary (City), 2012 ABCA 376: Municipal Law; Residential Development; Services Agreement                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union, Local 707 v. Suncor Energy Inc., 2012 ABCA 373: Labour Relations; Injunctions; Drug Testing Policies                                                                                                                                                                                    Gingrich v Gingrich, 2012 ABCA 371: Family Law; Civil Procedure; Consent Orders                                                                                    Attila Dogan Construction and Installation Co. Inc. v. AMEC Americas Limited, 2012 ABCA 379: Civil Procedure; Documentary Discovery; Security for Costs


Alberta Take Five February 2013 COVER Summarized Cases:

Catholic Charities Clothes Bank of Lethbridge v Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary, 2012 ABCA 390: Real Property; Resulting Trust; Presumption of Resulting Trust                                                          Shaw v Alberta (Utilities Commission), 2012 ABCA 378: Utilities; Electricity; Alberta Utilities Commission; Transmission Line Approval; Critical Transmission Infrastructure; Public Interest Component                                                                                                Sunderji v. Germain Residences Ltd., 2012 ABCA 389:Real Estate; Condominiums; Agreement of Purchase and Sale; Time of the Essence Clause                                                                                Beaverford v Thorhild (County No. 7), 2013 ABCA 6: Municipal Law; Land Development Approval; Administrative Law; Reasonable Apprehension of Bias
L’Hirondelle v Alberta (Sustainable Resource Development), 2013 ABCA 12: First Nations; Métis; Aboriginal Fishing Rights; Judicial Review


Alberta Take Five March 2013 Summarized Cases:
Swan Group Inc. v. Bishop, 2013 ABCA 29: Real Estate; Vendors and Purchasers; Condominiums; Condition Precedents                                   Sihota v. Edmonton (City), 2013 ABCA 43: Development Permits; Zoning Law; Issue Estoppel
Lethbridge Regional Police Service v Lethbridge Police Association,
2013 ABCA 47: Labour Relations; Grievances; Arbitration; Disability-based Discrimination
Hogarth v Rocky Mountain Slate Inc., 2013 ABCA 57: Negligent Misrepresentation; Liability; Directors and Officers
Grand Central Properties Inc v Cochrane (Town), 2013 ABCA 69: Municipal Law; Development Permits; Procedural Fairness; Scope of Appeal


Alberta Take Five April 2013 Summarized Cases:

Bhasin v. Hrynew, 2013 ABCA 98: Commercial Contracts; Implied Duty of Good Faith; Renewal Clause
Vargo v. Hughes, 2013 ABCA 96: Home Construction; Structural Problems; Negligence; Vicarious Liability
Grafikom Speedfast Limited v Heidelberg Canada Graphic Equipment Limited, 2013 ABCA 104: Contracts; Causation; Warranty Clause; Negligence
A.G. Clark Holdings Ltd. v HOOPP Realty Inc., 2013 ABCA 101: Alternative Dispute Resolution; Mandatory Arbitration Clause; Contract Interpretation
Edmonton Flying Club v Edmonton Regional Airports Authority, 2013 ABCA 91: Civil Procedure; Breach of Subleases; Injunctions; Rule 7.1


Alberta Take Five May 2013 Summarized Cases:

Durocher v Klementovich, 2013 ABCA 115: Family Law; Parenting; Child Support; Payment of Arrears; Interim Costs
Horizon Resource Management Ltd. v. Blaze Energy Ltd., 2013 ABCA 139: Civil Litigation; Offers; Costs; Payment for Work
Erdmann v Complaints Inquiry Committee, 2013 ABCA 147: Civil Procedure; Jurisdiction; Unprofessional Conduct
Calgary (Police Service) v Alberta (Law Enforcement Review Board), 2013 ABCA 124: Police Conduct; Standard of Review; Role of Chief of Police
Kikino Métis Settlement v Métis Settlements Appeal Tribunal, 2013 ABCA 151: Aboriginal Law; Métis; Land Distribution and Policy; “Substantial Agreement”


Alberta Take Five June 2013 Summarized Cases:

Edmonton School District No. 7 v. Alberta Teachers’ Association, 2013 ABCA 155: Grievance; Judicial Review of Arbitration Board; Contract Interpretation
Nexxtep Resources Ltd. v. Alberta (Energy Resources Conservation Board), 2013 ABCA 186: Applications for Hearing and for Review and Variance; Well Licence Suspension; Hydrocarbons
Allen v Alberta (Law Enforcement Review Board), 2013 ABCA 187: Law Enforcement; Unlawful or Unnecessary Exercise of Authority; “Reasonable and Probable Grounds”; Strip Search
Karagic v Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, 2013 ABCA 169: Veterinary Medicine; Unprofessional Conduct; Assessment; Fracture; Radiograph
Lutz v Lutz, 2013 ABCA 159: Real Property; Joint Tenants; Bare Trustee; Brothers


Alberta Take Five July 2013 Summarized Cases:

AUPE v Alberta, 2013 ABCA 212: Grievances; Discrimination; Arbitration; Wage Employees
321665 Alberta Ltd. v. Husky Oil Operations Ltd., 2013 ABCA 221: Oil & Gas; Competition; Fuel Hauling Services, Counsel Comments Comments provided by Jerry Patterson, Barry Zalmanowitz, Q.C., and Ryan Quinlan, Counsel for the Appellant (Respondent by Cross-Appeal), Husky Oil Operations Ltd.
HSBC Bank Canada v. Fuss, 2013 ABCA 235: Business; Fraud; Unlawful Conduct Conspiracy; Director’s Duties
1985 Sawridge Trust v Alberta (Public Trustee), 2013 ABCA 226: Minors; Trust; Public Trustee; Advance Costs
Okotoks (Town) v. Foothills (Municipal District No. 31), 2013 ABCA 222: Municipal Law; Validity of Bylaw; Limitation Period


Alberta Take Five August 2013 Summarized Cases:

D.W.H. v D.J.R., 2013 ABCA 240: Family Law; Parens Patriae Jurisdiction; Parentage; Guardianship
Petersen Pontiac Buick GMC (Alta.) Ltd. v. Campbell, 2013 ABCA 251: Contract; Tort; Several Liability; Apportionment
Alberta Health Services v Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, 2013 ABCA 243: Labour Law; Collective Agreements; Interpretation; Limitation Period; Disciplinary Action
Agriculture Financial Services Corporation v. Zaborski, 2013 ABCA 277: Default; Praecipe; Renewal of Judgment; Limitation Period ~ Counsel Comments provided by Michael McCabe, Q.C., Counsel for the Appellant
Carscallen v. Chubb Insurance Company of Canada, 2013 ABCA 263: Insurance Coverage; Life Tenancy; Ownership; Definition of “owned or lived at” ~ Counsel Comments provided by Doreen Saunderson, Counsel for the Respondent


Alberta Take Five September 2013 Summarized Cases:

Smith v Pricewaterhousecoopers Inc., 2013 ABCA 288: Bankruptcy; Standing; Leave to Appeal; Threshold Merit ~ Counsel Comments provided by Robyn Gurofsky, Counsel for the Respondent
Alberta v. XI Technologies Inc., 2013 ABCA 282: Occupational Health and Safety; Due Diligence; Foreseeability ~ Counsel Comments provided by Karen Fellowes, Counsel for the Appellant
Piikani Energy Corporation (Re), 2013 ABCA 293: Bankruptcy; Fraudulent Preferences; “Arm’s Length”
Arcelormittal Tubular Products Roman S.A. v. Fluor Canada Ltd., 2013 ABCA 279: Pleadings; Third Party Notices; Application to Strike; Contribution
Zypherus Holdings Inc. v Dorais Estate, 2013 ABCA 287: Real Property; Mortgage; Foreclosure; Undivided Half Interest ~ Counsel Comments provided by Michael McCabe, Q.C., Counsel for the Appellant


Alberta Take Five October 2013 Summarized Cases:

Gimbel v Alberta (Public Works, Supply & Services), 2013 ABCA 290: Expropriation; Rate of Interest; Evidentiary Burden; “Usual and Prudent” ~ Counsel Comments provided by Tim Mavko, Counsel for the Respondent
Coulter v Co-operators Life Insurance Company, 2013 ABCA 295: Insurance; Equitable Defence; Trial by Jury ~ Counsel Comments provided by Chad J. Brown, Counsel for the Appellants
Dalla Lana v University of Alberta, 2013 ABCA 327: Sexual Assault; Disciplinary Hearing; Witness Statements; Procedural Fairness
Alberta (Justice) v Paasch, 2013 ABCA 301: Concurrent Criminal Proceedings; Property Disposal; Adjournment; Right of Appeal
Chekowski v Howland, 2013 ABCA 299: Family Law; Child Support; Guideline Income; Corporate Pre-Tax Income


Alberta Take Five November 2013 Summarized Cases:

Cwalina Estate v Parkland (County), 2013 ABCA 343: Real Property; Caveats; Tax Sale; Notice; Mailing Address ~ Counsel Comments provided by Joe Chivers, Counsel for the Respondent
Saraceni v. Saraceni, 2013 ABCA 354: Estates; Objection to Grant of Probate; Limitations Act ~ Counsel Comments provided by Elmer Chiu, Counsel for the Respondent
Holm v Holm, 2013 ABCA 345: Family Law; Prenuptial Agreement; Divorce; Division of Assets
Zakhary v College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, 2013 ABCA 336: Unprofessional Conduct; Publication of Decision; Statutory Interpretation
Beaver Hills Holdings Limited v Greenstreet Development Corp., 2013 ABCA 360: Share Purchase; Interlocking Transactions; Evidence; Summary Judgment


Alberta Take Five December 2013 Summarized Cases:

Milner v Sostar, 2013 ABCA 386: Real Property; Option to Purchase; Caveats; Notice to Extend Time
Alberta (Workers’ Compensation Board) v Alberta (Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation), 2013 ABCA 412: Workers’ Compensation; Tort Law; Causation; Material Contribution
Loughlin v Gordon, 2013 ABCA 362: Real Property; Condominiums; Fiduciary Duty; Summary Judgment
Lafarge Canada Inc. v Edmonton (City), 2013 ABCA 376: Arbitration; Contractual Interpretation; Commencement of Proceedings
Thomson v University of Alberta, 2013 ABCA 391: Dispute Resolution; Grievance; Settlement Privilege



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