2018 – BC


BC Take Five January 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Scott v. Canada (Attorney General), 2017 BCCA 422: Constitutional Law; Charter of Rights and Freedoms; Veterans’ Benefits; “Social Covenant” ~ Counsel Comments provided by Kelsey Sherriff, Counsel for the Respondents
Bilin v. Sidhu, 2017 BCCA 429: Civil Litigation; Certificate of Pending Litigation; Land Title Act ~ Counsel Comments provided by Deepak Gautam, Counsel for the Appellant
Taseko Mines Limited v. Western Canada Wilderness Committee, 2017 BCCA 431: Torts; Defamation; Fair Comment; Strategic Lawsuits; Special Costs
MacKinnon v. Donauer, 2017 BCCA 437: Equitable Remedies; Resulting Trust; Unjust Enrichment; Juristic Reason
The Owners, Strata Plan K855 v. Big White Mountain Mart Ltd., 2017 BCCA 438: Strata Corporations; Contracts; Breach of Contract; Damages; Mitigation; Functus officio


BC Take Five February 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

British Columbia (Attorney General) v. Brecknell, 2018 BCCA 5: Jurisdiction; Production Orders; American Company; Virtual Presence in Canada
Kwantlen University College Student Association v. Canadian Federation of Students – British Columbia, 2018 BCCA 16: Student Organizations; Bylaws; Members; Referendum; Petition ~ Counsel Comments provided by Kate Phipps, Counsel for the Appellant, and, by Counsel Comments provided by David Borins, Counsel for the Respondent                                                                                           N-Krypt International Corp. v. LeVasseur, 2018 BCCA 20: Equitable Remedies; Trusts; Contracts; Voting Shares ~ Counsel Comments provided by Barry Kirkham, Q.C., Counsel for the Appellant 
Pakozdi v. B & B Heavy Civil Construction Ltd., 2018 BCCA 23: Employment Law; Wrongful Dismissal; Damages; Consulting Income During Notice Period
Kumagai v. Campbell Estate, 2018 BCCA 24: Family Law; Wills and Estates; Valuation and Division of Land; First Nations ~ Counsel Comments provided by David Goodwin, Counsel for the Appellant


BC Take Five March 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

Harrison Hydro Project Inc. v. British Columbia (Environmental Appeal Board), 2018 BCCA 44: Administrative Law; Environmental Appeal Board; Judicial Review; Limited Partnerships ~ Counsel Comments provided by Geoff Cowper, Q.C., Counsel for the Appellants British Columbia Investment Management Corporation v. Canada (Attorney General), 2018 BCCA 47: Taxation; Pensions; Pooled Investment Portfolios; Petitions; Jurisdiction
Glover v. Leakey, 2018 BCCA 56: Torts; Negligence; Abuse of Process; Civil Jury Trials; Mistrial                                                                  Berthin v. Berthin, 2018 BCCA 57: Family Law; Certificate of Pending Litigation; Special Costs; Collusion; Fraud ~ Counsel Comments provided by Karl Hauer, Counsel for the Appellant, and, by Craig Vaughan, Counsel for the Counsel for the Respondents, Roy Lynn Sherrod and Patsy Spikes Sherrod                                                          Scoretz v. Kensam Enterprises Inc., 2018 BCCA 66: Trusts; Fiduciary; Breach of Trust; Agency Relationship; Transfer of Shares ~ Counsel Comments provided by Robin Dean, Counsel for the Respondent 


BC Take Five April 2018 cover Summarized Cases:


BC Take Five May 2018 cover Summarized Cases:

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