2017 – BC


BC Take Five January 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Personal Injury; Motor Vehicle Accident; Supreme Court Civil Rules; Retrial
Property Law; Strata Corporations; Charter Rights; Mootness ~ Counsel Comments provided by Tyna Mason, Counsel for Respondent Attorney General of British Columbia
Defamation; Privacy; Disclosure; “Antunes” and “Halliday” Orders
Aboriginal Law; Natural Resources; Judicial Review; Statutory Interpretation ~ Counsel
Comments Counsel Comments provided by Patrick Foy, Q.C, Counsel for the Appellant Executive Director of the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office
Municipal Law; Zoning Bylaws; Land Use Planning; Liquor Store; Standard of Review


BC Take Five February 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Taxation; Capital Gains; Income Tax Act; British Columbia General Anti-Avoidance Rule
Crime Victim Assistance Act; Lost Earning Capacity; Judicial Review; Limitation Period ~ Counsel Comments provided by Jeremy E. Shragge of Shields Harney and Laura Miller (articled student) of Harper Grey LLP, Counsel for the Appellant, and Counsel Comments provided by Tyna Mason and Christina Drake, Counsel for the Respondent
Chambers; Clarity of Court Orders; Contempt ~ Counsel Comments provided by Ben Parkin, Counsel for the Appellant
Conflict of Laws; Judicial Unfairness; Forum non conveniens; Mining; Protests
Intellectual Property; Internet Law; Trade-marks Act; Passing Off; Goodwill ~ Counsel Comments provided by Christopher Wilson, Counsel for the Appellant


BC Take Five March 2017 cover Summarized Cases:

Torts; Medical Malpractice; Obstetrics; Misapprehension of Expert Evidence
Contracts; Wrongful Termination of Agreement; Damages; Loss Mitigation ~Counsel Comments provided by Greg Harney, Counsel for the Appellant
Contracts; Land Survey; Logging; Crown Land; Waiver ~Counsel Comments provided by Rachel R. Lammers, Counsel for the Appellant
Estates; Will Interpretation; Trustee Duties; Bonds and Stocks ~Counsel Comments provided by Eileen Vanderburgh and Emily Clough, Counsel for the Appellant, TD Canada Trust
Family Law; Marital Assets; Valuation; Appointing Joint Experts; Supreme Court Family Rules


BC Take Five April 2017 cover Summarized Cases:


BC Take Five May 2017 cover Summarized Cases:


BC Take Five June 2017 cover Summarized Cases:


BC Take Five July 2017 cover Summarized Cases:


BC Take Five August 2017 cover Summarized Cases:


BC Take Five September 2017 cover Summarized Cases:


BC Take Five October 2017 cover Summarized Cases:


BC Take Five November 2017 cover Summarized Cases:


BC Take Five December 2017 cover Summarized Cases:


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