“We have relied on OnPoint for research on important legal issues and for their mobile affidavit service, iWitness. Ms. Picciotto and her team have been quick to respond and very conscientious in meeting agreed deadlines. OnPoint has consistently provided excellent service and has been a pleasure to work with.”

Richmond-based Litigator

“The lawyers at OnPoint are experienced and knowledgeable. They are of such high quality that I can give them important portions of files and be assured that they will be handled with skill and proficiency. I do not hesitate to rely on them- they are a wonderful addition to my practice.”

Vancouver-based Litigator

“Our firm was faced with the daunting task of reviewing over 48 boxes of documents in under three weeks for an upcoming trial. OnPoint sent an experienced and professional contract litigator to our offices to handle the project. She was outstanding. She had years of litigation experience so she was efficient and knew exactly what she was doing- we could rest assured that the project was being done properly and on time. For a document-heavy litigation file such as this, having access to the temporary assistance of a top-notch litigator on such short notice was invaluable. I will not hesitate to bring a litigator from OnPoint on board to help on other files in the future.”

Victoria-based Litigator

“Our two-lawyer litigation firm does not have the resources to do quick or extensive research, especially in the middle of a proceeding.  We find the services of OnPoint Legal Research to be responsive, effective and good value and we have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Vancouver-based Litigator

“I have used the services of OnPoint very frequently for about 10 years for the purposes of doing legal research.  I am very satisfied with this arrangement and firmly believe that in appropriate circumstances getting OnPoint to do legal research is clearly the most cost-effective way for me to represent my clients.”

Kelowna-based Litigator

“OnPoint law provided research in a timely manner which was carefully analyzed, thorough and of high quality.”

Vancouver-based Litigator

“As it sometimes happens, when a client came to see us with a fast approaching deadline we turned to OnPoint Law Corporation for assistance with research and drafting documents.  Not only did OnPoint meet our deadline and provide us with quality research and draft documents, they also came in under budget. We have no hesitation in recommending OnPoint; their lawyers were courteous, professional and responsive to our needs.”

Abbotsford-based Litigator

“OnPoint’s lawyers are knowledgeable, efficient, effective and reliable. Their work is always proficient and timely. It is a pleasure to work with them. They are an invaluable resource to our firm.”

Vancouver-based Litigator

“OnPoint is a trusted associate for research on specialty points of law and document review assistance in large cases for my busy sole practice.  Sarah and her team never let me down.  On time, on budget …OnPoint.”

Vancouver-based Litigator

“I have no hesitation in providing OnPoint with my legal research and writing needs. I know that the research lawyers at the firm are experienced and of the highest quality. Using their services is like having my own on-staff research lawyer without any overhead or ongoing costs.”

Q.C. in Vancouver

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